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DPD Ireland

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As a leading provider of standard and express parcel services, DPD Ireland operates on behalf of thousands of satisfied customers internationally.  Thanks to their continued investment in technology DPD are seen as one of the key innovators within the parcel delivery field. In 2016, DPD was awarded the IIA Net Visionary award for ‘Best Mobile Service or Application’ for their iOS and Android Apps, which we designed and developed in collaboration with their team.  The success of this project resulted in an ongoing partnership with the client as we continue to work with DPD on a number of web and mobile projects to date. 

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Enterprise Ireland

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The Irish Advantage is Enterprise Ireland’s marketing programme promoting the best of Irish export capability worldwide. The campaign objectives were to generate leads by connecting companies and people globally across industries and Improve users’ ability to digest information To achieve these, Enterprise Ireland required a sophisticated campaign infrastructure to target B2B customers globally. Our technical expertise combined with Atomic’s brand vision created the perfect foundation for success.We developed a localised campaign website with several country domains, merging physical and digital worlds in six different languages with a key focus on: -Showcasing success stories across industries-Creating a filterable business directory-Integrating lead generation forms The campaign generated multiple leads across sectors globally, resulting in an ongoing partnership with our client. Visit 

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Weir & Sons

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Steeped in Irish history, Weir & Sons is a renowned family business, marking life moments with the finest jewelry since 1869. Weirs recognised that online shoppers expect to have smooth, easy checkout experiences, especially on mobile. The client approached us about a complete site revamp specifically aimed at:-Improving their customer online shopping experience-Maximising online revenue opportunities A full site audit was carried out to identify opportunities to reduce loading times, improve site performance and help them manage their store better by making it more efficient. Customers are now engaging with more content and are transacting in higher volumes. Other key metrics include a significant Increase in traffic and online revenue. Visit

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Health Services Staffs Credit Union

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Health Services Staffs Credit Union (HSSCU) is one of Ireland’s only nationwide credit unions. HSSCU recognised the importance of having a strong digital presence to match their brand image so they approached us about modernising the site and improving the overall user experience. We undertook a full site audit to evaluate site performance and assets including content and imagery before agreeing on what should be kept, curated or killed. We then collaborated closely with the client to map user journeys, identify pain points and opportunities for improvements. The revamped site has had a significant impact on traffic and engagement so far and resulted in an ongoing partnership with the client. Visit

Non Profit

Birdwatch Ireland

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Birdwatch Ireland relies on the support of its members to fight against environmental degradation, wildlife persecution and habitat destruction, therefore increasing brand awareness, reach and memberships are key to their survival and the survival of Ireland’s most endangered bird species.The project focused on the design and build of a new website aimed at: -Enabling online membership and shop sales-Increasing user engagement and brand awareness Key user journeys were mapped out to identify pain points and highlight opportunities to turn frustration into conversions. These were greatly simplified reducing the time previously required to complete a task and therefore improving the overall user experience. This resulted in an increase in memberships, online shop sales, visitors engagement and improved operational efficiency with significant cost savings. Visit

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Wines Direct

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Wines Direct is an Irish family owned wine retailer sourcing wines directly from growers around the world The client  approached us about the redesign of their website which involved the migration to their ecommerce platform to Magento 2.0 and  the integration of the company's WordPress blog and social media channels.  Wines Direct recognised the importance of an easy and straightforward checkout process so we teamed up with them to streamline user journeys  and ensure a smooth and seamless experience on all devices for both new and existing customers.  The new site was awarded  'Best Wine Website' by the Sunday Business Post and resulted in an ongoing relationship with the client. Visit

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